Latest WeightWatchers Promotion Code

March 12th, 2010 , 6:05 am

Don’t forget the great WeightWatchers offer we are still promoting giving the following great WeightWatchers promotion code that will give you a FREE Gift and just a FREE $1 joining fee on the 3 month plan.

To use this WeightWatchers promo code:
1) copy the FREE to use code below
2) click the code link
3) enter the code in the promotion code box on the WeightWatchers site

WeightWatchers Promotion Coupon: 4-16-1871-8888 (see instruction above)

This offer has now expired, although you can still join WeightWatchers online now.

Latest Dell Discount Codes

March 12th, 2010 , 5:52 am

Dell have a great range of discount coupons running at the moment that will give you some huge savings on the Dell range. The Dell Codes below are limited by number so you’ll have to be quick on these before they snapped up.

Dell Discount Code: 3C04NQXH$19N10 (Limited to 500 Coupons)
30% Discount on Dell Mini10 (Model S510615AU1W1)

Dell Discount Code: CS4TNHMT83F5T$ (Limited to 1000 Coupons)
plus NZ coupon: CS4TNHMT83F5T$ (Limited to 1000 Coupons)
$100 Discount on Dell Studio NB/DT

Dell Discount Code: RMM8T1BHZH97T1 (Limited to 1000 Coupons)
$100 off Inspiron 11Z (Model S511019AU)